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He tells me that I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever met all the time. And god bless him for thinking so because there are definitely far prettier girls than i.

I’m really happy he loves me as much as he does. And I would go to the ends of the earth for him, which should say a lot considering that I’m kinda lazy.


He’s my hope in a world that fully disappoints me on a regular basis.


Today’s examples of Disappointment:

Democrats say they’re set for Iraq funding showdown – wouldn’t that be neat if the Dems overturned the veto that this will definitely get from our crappy pres. But what are the chances?

Police say no clues about why Cho opened fire – I can only shake my head at this. I didn’t really expect them to find anything on his computer or cell phone considering how much planning he seemed to have put into the whole thing. It’s all just really sad.

Pat Tillman & Jessica Lynch: The cover-up – This is pretty huge! And, you know, it’s definitely not like our government to cover things up and create propaganda… NOT!


I always miss him… always…

So tomorrow is the Jack’s Mannequin show. Totally excited!! My goal for tomorrow is to NOT get lost in NH. That would completely suck to break down next to that house of melonheads from the movie Wrong Turn, huh?

My other goal is to get my tickets from will call when we get there. And they better be there or I will be pissed.

Third goal: Not be tired. And definitely not too tired to drive back 2 and a half hours home.

Other than that, the show will be awesome, as it always is.

The day is fast approaching. And I have my fingers crossed. Ringing tiny bells and lighting smudge sticks. Hopping over cracks in the sidewalk and picking up heads up pennies. Hopefully I really am a good luck charm and everything will turn out alright. We’ll see.


I’ve been going through some of my pictures lately. Especially the ones from college. There are some good ones I found. And as I’m looking at them, I’m thinking, “How did I not see this one?!?!” heh. So some new photographs are in My Photos. 🙂

How do you know when it’s over?

My theory has always been that you know it’s over when all the bad times start to out weigh the good ones.

If things are going good, then the good should far out weigh the bad. And when things are rough, it should kinda balance itself out a bit.

when there is more bad than good, why would you stay? is it even worth it?


That theory usually applies to jobs and room mates too.


I personally don’t like when things get too hard. And I can take a lot of crap, so for me to say “this is getting too hard” actually takes a lot.

I may not be the biggest expert in the world on this stuff, but when the bad far out weighs the good, that’s usually the time when I walk away.

Right now… things are pretty balanced out. Actually… minusing the complications, things are good.

yea… I’m quoting a Manderson song up there in my subject line. That’s right!


It’s been a weird weekend.

By Saturday afternoon… Jack’s Mannequin found it’s way back into my cd player.

I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not. And it’s not like I don’t love all the other cds that go in and out of my cd player all the time. It’s just… Jack’s Mannequin… me listening to Jack’s Mannequin… it’s kinda a sign that I’m doing better than I was two weeks ago. Kinda.

Plus seeing the boy I love this weekend realigned my chakra. ahahaha! He usually has that effect on me. I could be freaking out forever, but then I see him and suddenly everything is cool.

“Why not let them?” he says to me. “You’d be really good at it.”

I just kinda sigh and frown. “I don’t know.”

“You’re getting too comfortable with what you are doing. You’re better than that. You should let them.” he says to me.


I’m getting too comfortable…. ::sigh!:: He’s not wrong.

So I’m really not sure what I’m going to do. I’ll probably end up letting them. For someone who’s really not sure what she wants to do with her life, I’m really dead set against this. And I have very few reasons on why.

I do know that I might need to get out of Dodge for a little while this summer. Maybe go to Cali for a week and chill with Melis. Go to the beach and let her show me around Laguna.


And after hearing the worst break up story I’ve ever heard this weekend too. I know I must be doing ok. ahahahaha!!