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It’s been 4 years since I graduated college. Either yesterday or today was the actually date of my graduation 4 years ago.

It definitely doesn’t feel like 4 years.

That first year after graduating college, I was unemployed for about 2 months. And then I had that awful job in one of the stores at the casino. I made 10 bucks an hour there, but it made me want to kill myself. After the first day there, I started looking for another job.

After 2 months at the awful store, got a job at Pacific Sunwear. And I took a pay cut and left the awful store. It was so worth it!

And Pac Sun was a fun job! It didn’t feel as much as a job as it felt like just hanging out and looking at clothes. I officially made no money there.

After 8 months there, I went over to the casino to work in VIP Services (a.k.a. answering the phone and getting screamed at all day every day). It was ok at first, but it definitely started to take it’s toll after a while. I didn’t go into that situation planning on making any friends. I didn’t really expect that. But I made some amazing friends there. And I met the best friend I’ve ever had there. And that is the greatest thing I got out of that place. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

In the slowest two years of my life at the casino, I think I applied for 30 jobs within the casino that I never got. PR jobs, Assistant jobs, almost applied for Aquai! Came close supposively, but never got them. I started going to CSB at this time, so I could be retrained in what I went to college for. It had been 2 years since I got to play with any of that equipment at that point. Finally I realized the politics of the casino blows and I couldn’t wait for my CSB classes to be over before I started looking for a job. I needed out of there.

I started looking in the Bulletin classifieds for a job. That’s when I saw the job for Online Assistant listed in there. I’ve been making silly graphics and building websites since I was 10! I’m a whiz at the computer. Always have been. But I don’t have the education to back that up. Just my wits. So I went into the interview with my resume full of broadcasting education and my wits.

And I got that job. And it was the greatest day in the world because I got to tell my bosses at the casino that I was officially out.

And here I am. 4 years later. After almost a year (6/5) here at the paper, my job still freakin rocks.

That doesn’t seem like 4 years laid out in words either.

While I was in the process of graduating college, I had grand plans for myself. I never thought I would be working in the field I tried to avoid studying in college. And a newspaper?!? heh. Well… maybe as a sharp as a tack no fear reporter on the prowl. ahahaha!

And sure! None of my plans worked out. Or I’ve just been revising them over the years. But things turned out ok. And I’m still going.


5/19/03, I wrote on my blog – “The light at the end of the tunnel? Or a Mack Truck coming straight for me?”

It looked a little grim there, but it was most certainly a light.


February stars

He teases me about my being on my way to being a Corporate Big Wig and laughs a little. “No way!” I say, but I’m secretly trying not to get my hopes up.

He tells me that he’s always proud of me and I tell him that I love him.

::sigh:: He’s such a cutie. ❤


The Gatehouse peeps said they may toss me some more work from their other papers and I told them “Absolutely! I’d love that!” And they were totally jazzed that I was a graduate of CSB.

I’d be neat if that sort of career path opened up for me eventually, but right now I’m just feeling things out. I’m really not in a rush for anything.

After all these years of all my BIG plans failing on me, I think I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just taking things a day at a time. And I want to have as much fun as I can.


I am getting better. I can still kinda hear a little horseness in my voice which I’m hoping will go away soon, but other than that, I’m good.

And I’m enjoying watching Chasing Andrews numbers go up. That always makes my day. I can’t believe how big it has gotten so far. I still want to see it get bigger though. muahahahaha!!