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hearting kris roe

I am such a concert rat! Sometimes I even frighten myself with the things I’ll go through to go to a good show. What can I say? Shows make me happy! I love ’em!

One of my favorite bands is The Ataris! I’ve been listening to them ever since I was a tiny 17 year old Freshman in college. (that’s sorta tiny!) When I ran my college radio show, if anything with Kris Roe’s name on it came across my board, I would play the living crap out of it. (i.e. a little band called Anti Freeze. I still have this cd too.)

When The Ataris came to my college, my sister and I were so excited. Boucing around, singing along, loving it! We journeyed up to Worcester to see them the winter before that too. And I got the chance to meet Kris Roe this past year when they played the Webster.

So Kris Roe is doing a solo show on V-Day in CT. (OMG!, right?) He’s playing an acoustic set of the entire Blue Skies, Broken Hearts album. My sister and I are planning on attending. We’re hoping we can.