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I’ve been pretty sad the last 48 hours.

2 Sure Signs That I’m Upset:

1) When I’m silent.

As soon as I stop talking for over 10 minutes or longer, there’s something wrong. (Well… unless I’m sleeping. It depends on the situation really.)

2) When I’m not eating or asking about lunch.

Lunch is seriously my favorite meal of the day. I┬álove lunch!! I don’t do breakfast most of the time. And by the time dinner rolls around, I’m tired.

So for me to not even acknowledge lunch time….


My co workers knew something was wrong all day.
I don’t even think they needed to know the 2 Signs to know I wasn’t happy. It was probably written all over my face. (I have the world’s worst poker face.)


So I left work early today. I can’t be creative when I’m sad. I just can’t. It’s pretty impossible.


And the higher powers gave me the chance today to do what I’ve never gotten to do before in my life…

The Rhode Island Box

It was something Josh always did when we were driving around, so I definitely learned it from him. I know I probably got super mad at him every time he did it too. Yelled at him for it. (I officially take all of that back right now.)

But today… the set up was simply too perfect. Everyone was going the correct speeds. There were enough people entering the highway to make this thing freakin last!

It was like the powers that be were giving me permission to do this to the asshole behind me.

And it was great! It was so much fun! And for those few minutes, I felt better!


Either I’m going to hell or heaven’s going to be really really interesting.

I want to blog tonight….

But I don’t want to say anything I can’t take back either…


I’m just so hurt right now.