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So the room cleaning is officially done.

I still have tons of clothes, but at least it’s 6 giant garbage bags less than it was before. (Good Will got a good donation last week.)

And getting rid of my old college notebooks, I figured out… I was a genius in Astronomy. (who knew)

And, while I cleaned my room, I stayed away from my computer for over a whole week! Proving that I’m not addicted to it.

even if i did update facebook and twitter from my phone….
that doesn’t count, right?

So I could say that it’s Day 4 of the room clean. It honestly feels more like weeks.

Getting rid of stuffed animals is hard. They just look so sad when you put them in the get rid of pile.

And while I still have tons of clothes, I do have a gigantic pile to sell to the consignment shop tomorrow.

And my closet is noticably a little less black.
Don’t get me wrong, I still wear a hell of a lot of black.

But it’s progress…

I’m still cleaning my room and unloading so much stuff I’ve collected over the years. It feels really good.

I finished my closet and have moved on to my dressers. (Yes, I have two of them.)

It makes me happy that a good majority of my actual large tees I have, I’ve gotten from guys. And a lot of them are Josh’s. I couldn’t help but smile as I went through them.

It’s a good reminder that I really will be ok. And of how much fun I’ve had over the years.

It’s funny how a huge break up can actually make you feel ugly when that is really not the case at all.

little orange mix tape

I’ve been going through my entire room, trying to unload a lot of the things I’ve collected over the years. (Most of it has been an ungodly amount of books and dvds so far.)
It’s hard to get rid of hoodies for me. I have a favorite hoodie that I’ve had since my second year of college. Wore it all the time. My friend Kyle had the same one, which is why this particular hoodie is my favorite.
“Sweatshirts keep you warm, but hoodies give you love!” he told me.
It reminds me of Kyle, so it survived all the “giving away clothes” rounds ever since, including tonight’s.
Also, I found something that I was searching so hard for over a year back. And I found that tonight.
In a purple plastic bag, there it was. The mix tape I had made for Him in 2001. I sat on the floor, in the middle of the rubble that is currently my room, and I stared at it for a long time. Taking it in. All the detail and work I put into it. The careful placement of songs.

I’m not sure what to do with it now.