A few years ago (I say ‘a few years ago’ because it makes me feel less old), Josh and I were walking around a mall in MA.
We walked by a Build a Bear and I stopped short and was like, “What is this?”
He was like, “You’ve never seen a Build a Bear before?” And he proceeded to explain to me what it was, right down to the little heart that you blow on and what not to put inside the bear.
I really wanted to do it at that point! So we went inside and picked out a plain tan bear and went through the whole process. I made him blow on the heart. We went over to the bear clothes where he picked out this floppy tan fishing hat. I picked out bear boxers because I couldn’t let the bear be naked. And when it came time to enter it’s name in the computer, I thought it would be so funny to name the bear Josh.
To this day, the Josh bear sits on my bed. Has traveled with me to many places, including visiting my sister at college.
Looking at it makes me think about that day in mall.