l use to tell people he was the most amazing person I’ve ever met.
I use to tell everyone how smart and wonderful he was.
I would tell anyone that would listen to me, strangers on the bus next to me, about the boy i loved so much.

And though my tales have changed since then, i find myself still telling the same things to people. Even though it now ends with him breaking my heart.

if someone told me 6 years ago that things were going to be this way, i would have adamently fought them on it with my love and faith in him as my bases of arguement. Never in a million years had i ever doubted his love for me.

now about “6 months later”, i find my anger wavering a little. Forgiveness very far from being found. But still, being less angry and focused on other things means i’m getting better.

i never thought i’d ever be sitting here asking myself which him was the real him. And if i was so wrong to believe him.

all i do know is that i believed me.